Online marketing

After a needs-based analysis, we will work with you to develop a long-term strategy to implement building online marketing measures in a targeted and sustainable manner. This is the only way to guarantee efficient and holistic achievement of your goals. A 100% reporting is a matter of course for us as well as a 100% tracking of all measures. With us, you know exactly how much money you have invested and generated through this measure.
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From conception, design, programming to image and text creation, we will accompany you through the entire process. You have the ideas, we put it into practice. 

Social media marketing

Many potential customers are using social media more and more these days. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or XING are the big platforms for businesses. Use the various channels and promote your product to potential new customers.

App development

Our mobile/app developers have already developed numerous apps with high user and download numbers. They can develop native apps for iOS and Android (Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin), hybrid solutions or cross-platform apps (Xamarin).

Smoke Testing

In computer programming or software testing, smoke tests are preliminary tests to uncover simple bugs to reject future software versions. This idea is also great in online marketing to test a new product on potential customers or to determine their needs.

Affiliate marketing

The biggest advantages of affiliate marketing are the accurate control of the budget and the wide reach of the networks. With our campaigns, the classic tax payment is controlled. So the customer incurs costs only when sales are generated.

Content marketing

Writing is not your strength and a job for this task is not planned either? No problem, because our in-house PR department is just waiting to fulfill every wish and write goal-oriented texts for you. After all, content marketing is the skill of filling texts and content with usefulness and sustainability. Good content must be relevant to the potential customer and satisfy his needs.

B2B/B2C content marketing

The two business networks XING and LinkedIn have developed enormously in recent years. They have evolved from better address books to genuine platforms where you can meet decision-makers and business people for whom Facebook has become too childish and who are looking for a serious exchange in a business environment. Similar to Facebook, members can be targeted according to their demographic profiles with paid media (sponsored posts, ads).

SEO analysis/ SEO measures

If you want your company to be found better in search results, search engine optimization is the right choice. Optimization also makes sense for local businesses, as more and more people are searching online for local service providers and their contact details.

SEA measures/ Google Shopping Ads

With search engine marketing and Google Adwords, you can reach your exact target group. Advertise now in your local area or run a global branding campaign. The good thing is that the successes are clear and measurable and you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ad. 

E-mail marketing

A huge part of communication is changing to the area of electronic mail or e-mail. This also opens up new avenues of e-mail marketing for your company. With special customer campaigns, you can always stay in touch with your customers.

Display campaign

Google AdWords is not limited to advertising in Google search, but also has a large display network that can reach a very large number of users. Set up your display campaign together with us and take advantage of the enormous reach of this network.

Lead generating

Generate qualified prospects for further dialog and create a positive image for your brand. With us, you will strengthen your customer loyalty and attract new customers.

Social media campaign and selling and recruiting

Facebook, Google and Co. - We make it easier for you to get started with social media marketing. Engage your customers through regular communication via social networks and maximize your reach to generate new customers. But even if your audience is not addressed in the social networks, you reach a huge reach through your corporate presence and thus also affect the "employer branding" and give future applicants attention.

Newsletter marketing

Capture your customers! Newsletter marketing brings your brand or service permanently in contact with your customers. Through personalized newsletters, you address your customers in a targeted manner and always keep them up to date.